Collision Damage Waiver is by law a standard insurance you have with all car rentals in Iceland. 
Essentially this means that you have a self-risk of €2000. We can never charge you more.


Super Collision Damage Waiver can be added to all rentals. The SCDW coveres the same types of damages as the CDW but lowers the excess of the renter to ISK 45.000 on standard vehicles and ISK 60.000 for 4x4 vehicles should you have an accident.

Gravel Protection

Gravel Protection can be added to all rentals. Damages caused by gravel can happen on any road, paved or unpaved. The GP fully coveres damages caused by gravel being tossed to the boddy of the car, front headlights and front window, reducing the cost of such damages to zero.

Zero Excess

Zero Excess insurance gives you the chance to get rid of all excess risk. The Zero Excess Insurance gives you a further ease of mind, with no excess and no worries. It applies under the same terms as the regular CDW insurance covers and is only available on specific car types.


Sand And Ash Protection. The CDW and SCDW insurance do not cover damages caused by sand, gravel, ash, pumice, or other kind of earth material blown onto the vehicle. Loose ash and fine grained sand covers parts of Iceland in the aftermath of various volcanic activities in recent years. On a windy day this whirls up and blows towards anything in it's path and gives it an undesired dull, matte finish. The SAAP extra insurance extends the CDW and SCDW coverage to these kinds of damages.

Insurance Bundle

Get all: Super CDW, Gravel Protection plus Sand and Ash Protection policies in one simple package at a discounted rate.