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Seasons in Iceland

  • Winter

    The winters in Iceland, like you can imagine, are quite cold. In the capital area we hardly go lower than -10°C but the dry atmosphere make it feels like -30. Thats why we recommend bringing warm clothes and windbreakers! Winter days are really dark and the nights are filled with stars and northern lights. We Icelanders tend to take that raw beauty for granted. Some of the most exciting winter activities include skiing/snowboarding, glacier hiking, snowmobilie trips and ice skating. We urge you to look out for polar bears though. The ones that live downtown can get quite grumpy.

  • Spring

    The last couple of years spring hasn't been so different from the winter. It is like a bridge between seasons. The beginning of spring in Iceland is just like winter, and the end of spring is summer-like. If you are staying here in Iceland in spring, it is quite amusing to experience the change in seasons. One minute you are enjoying the calm, sunny and reasonably warm weather and the next you are running away from a snowstorm. Don't be surprised if you see people walking around in shorts and t-shirts this time of year. Even if its only 6°C outside. We Icelanders LOVE the sun, and we tend to use every second tanning if we can.

  • Summer

    The summer in Iceland is the time of year when everything comes alive! Parades, nice weather and Reykjavík city is filled with nice people from all over the world. The summer days really depend on the wind. If it is calm the weather is great. If it is a bit windy, the weather is less great, but great none-the-less! We recommend you bring a windbreaker just in case. The summer activities are fantastic. This would be a great time to visit our zoo, go skating or just walk around downtown. We also have great public pools, alot of them!

  • Autumn

    Like spring, this season is a bridge between winter and summer. You will find that Iceland is really a country of two seasons. Winter and summer. This time of year the people of Iceland are waving goodbye to a great summer and preparing for winter. Like in other parts of the world our city gets filled with pretty colors of fallen leaves. Those leaves are usually a bit wet though because of the heavy rain that tends to show up for work. This season is much like spring, except the morale of the Icelandic people is a bit better, for they have just experienced 3 months of good weather for a long time.