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About Us

Who are we?

Your friendly Tourist Info

Geysirland is your friendly Tourist Info in Iceland. We are currently located in Hapa Concert Hall, Reykjavík & in Akureyri (the northern metropolis of Iceland).

What makes us different from other offices is our young but experienced staff.
We know what you are thinking: Young folks can't be that experienced?
Well, we respectfully disagree.
Our team consists of young mountaineers, surfers and travellers. They have experienced every aspect of our little volcano island, so we can guarantee experience!

Feel free to swing by our offices. Even if you dont need any info, we would love to chat!

We also have free WiFi!


Our Team

Kristján Svanur Eymundsson

Kristján Svanur Eymundsson


If Kristján did not have a family, he would probably live in a cave. He loves nothing more than to be outside. Known for his remarkable hair and efficient work methods, this 24 y/o Icelander has been just about everywhere. He started travelling around Iceland with his family from an early age. Since then he has been around our little volcano island 6 times and travelled to 28 countries!.

Sædís Hulda Aðalbjörnsdóttir

Sædís Hulda Aðalbjörnsdóttir


Not much is known about Sædís, really. Other than her affection for animals, this gypsy is a mysterious one!.

Jóhann Ari Sigfússon

Jóhann Ari Sigfússon


Ari is our go-to guy when it comes to, well, anything. He is the kind of guy that just, kinda knows everything. Our 24 y/o mountaineer loves to camp, hike and skii. His Zodiac sign is Virgo. If I would have to choose nine people to help me destroy an evil ring in Mordor, Ari would be my first pick. .